Enough already

I don’t want to sound old or too good for goodness. Really.
I’m a ’70s college grad, a hippie when I married, a mother of two really wonderful kids, a loving grandmother, a lifelong journalist.
But I’m fed up.
Fed up with killings and rapes as a prime-time menu (and vapid comedies for dessert).
Fed up with politicians who play war games with our country while they’re not worrying about pay or benefits themselves.
Fed up with a court system that jails pot growers and frees rapists and molesters.
Fed up with the entitlement so many non-deserving people expect from an already over-taxed federal budget while those who’ve worked all their lives have to fear for their next Social Security check–after losing their pensions to corrupt financial investors.
Fed up that community theaters and orchestras have to cut programs or go out of business because no one appreciates art, good theater and classical music, since they’ve grown up on pop poop and TV shows about serial killers or reality show megalomaniacs.
Fed up with an economy that dumps people who deserve a retirement party and a good pension, leaving them to find their way through the unemployment system of a nation uninterested in hiring older workers.
Fed up with unkindness, insensitivity, selfishness and greed.
Aren’t we better than this?
Don’t our children deserve more from us?
I want my babygrands to grow up in a world that’s kinder than this one, and to give and find loving acts among their peers.
I want people to help when others are starving, not look the other way because of color, nationality or breeding.
I want to be proud of my country, not ashamed of the myriad acts of corporate excess and government bullying that have allowed the U.S. to become a powerful nation at the expense of the rest of the world.
I want God back in the world, with a louder voice and more powerful thrust–I just don’t want those who profess to have the only creditable God to punish those who think differently.
I want justice and peace, but also courage to face the world as it’s likely to be for some time.
Many holy people remind us that peace and love start from within. As I look at my neighbors, and see the troubles each of them faces in their homes, I know they have courage and strength. I know they are kind, and willing to share, as well as help, others.
I expect many of your neighbors are the same.
But somewhere–in the workplace, in corporate headquarters, in an expensive suite at the top of a hotel, and who knows where else–people think differently about what’s important.
They think with their pockets full, their bellies amply fed, their greed never quite satiated, always grasping for more.
And I know they don’t see themselves that way. Not at all.
Not yet.
Just trying to work up the courage to step forward, and make my words and actions count.
We all need to do it, before we no longer can.

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One Response to Enough already

  1. tjconnery says:

    I smell a revolution…

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